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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Skybus or Metro - Are we paying a higher price

Ever since it was announced, there have been more delays on the project than there has been progress. First amongst these whole debate about whether a metro or a skybus would be the right choice. The experts have questioned the state's decision on going ahead with the Metro when there was a cheaper alternative available in the form of a SkyBus. The arguments proposed are as under

  1. Skybus would have involved no financial commitment for viability gap funding, which incidently the Centre has not given the State
  2. Cost to the commuter in the case of Skybus would have been substantially lower at Rs. 0.5 per km instead of Rs. 6 for 3 km in Metro
  3. Skybus would have been completed in 2 years... yes you got it right, going by the fact that the Metro work was started in May 2006, the Skybus would have been completed in May 2008....

The main reasons for adoption of the Metro were

  1. High Carrying Capacity
  2. Skybus Technology is considered to be at a nascent stage

For more information read and from which the blog heavily borrows.

Personally, I have been to Bangkok, where I have seen the Skybus. It is seemless and I didn't feel it risky in any manner. I have been to Delhi and have appreciated the Metro there. My opinion is that both were very close, but I would definitely have chosen the Skybus for Metro has a huge gestation period... And to say that I am making a judgement with knowing a 'T' of either technogies is still an afterthought


Ram1 said...

Now that work has started, can you take some pictures of the construction?

Tejas said...

Sure, I will post some in the next few days once I get some good pictures

Anonymous said...

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