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Sunday, March 2, 2008

10 Reasons why the Mumbai Metro shouldn't be built

I need a break. I can't always be blogging about why the Metro should be built. So I have come up with a new list of 10 reasons why the Metro shouldn't be built

  1. I just love thriller novels. I kinda need 5-7 hours to complete this book, but invariably I haven't completed by the time I leave for office. Delays give just enough time to read the climax before reaching office
  2. I want to quarrel. I can't beat the fact that the crowded buses and the traffic jams give enough opportunity to pick up a fight. Where will I get such an opportunity when the Mumbai Metro starts
  3. I need an excuse to reach home late. Travellers on the Andheri Kurla road know that it doesn't matter when you leave office if you are leaving between 7 and 9, you reach home at 10
  4. I go to office with my GF/BF
  5. I favor Mukesh Ambani and since it is REL and not RIL executing the project, we should just dump it. It is not going to work
  6. It will not affect me as I won't work in this company till 2011
  7. This and other metros will be a drag on the Govt's finances as we don't have enough money
  8. Such a project is likely to bring more prosperity to Mumbai and we don't want people from other regions / countries to migrate here "Aamchi mati aamchi manoos"
  9. Constuction will cause more traffic - Can't thing of a more genuine reason Well I would request that the readers also add to this list by putting on their creative hats...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Metro Ads

During the last visit, I took a lot of pictures of the ads of Mumbai Metro. The ads are simple enough and I like them. You can see most of them here

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Work Progress

I had a short visit at the Andheri Kurla site. Found that work was in progress at full swing at various places. The beams are getting ready, the ground is being tested for load handling. Also took some pictures which I am sharing here.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Updated the Links section as well as the Google Map on the blog. I travel everyday and don't find any visible progress to share photos at this point. However, at various places we do see the ADAG signboards urging that work is going on. Maybe in the next few days, I will share some more pictures. Kavita Iyer has far more insights to offer on the progress of the project whereby the company has appointed Townland from Hong Kong, an architectural design firm that’s designed several metro rail stations globally. The design of each of the metro stations is in the final stages. There is a lot more action going on which has been captured in the article at this link.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Skybus or Metro - Are we paying a higher price

Ever since it was announced, there have been more delays on the project than there has been progress. First amongst these whole debate about whether a metro or a skybus would be the right choice. The experts have questioned the state's decision on going ahead with the Metro when there was a cheaper alternative available in the form of a SkyBus. The arguments proposed are as under

  1. Skybus would have involved no financial commitment for viability gap funding, which incidently the Centre has not given the State
  2. Cost to the commuter in the case of Skybus would have been substantially lower at Rs. 0.5 per km instead of Rs. 6 for 3 km in Metro
  3. Skybus would have been completed in 2 years... yes you got it right, going by the fact that the Metro work was started in May 2006, the Skybus would have been completed in May 2008....

The main reasons for adoption of the Metro were

  1. High Carrying Capacity
  2. Skybus Technology is considered to be at a nascent stage

For more information read and from which the blog heavily borrows.

Personally, I have been to Bangkok, where I have seen the Skybus. It is seemless and I didn't feel it risky in any manner. I have been to Delhi and have appreciated the Metro there. My opinion is that both were very close, but I would definitely have chosen the Skybus for Metro has a huge gestation period... And to say that I am making a judgement with knowing a 'T' of either technogies is still an afterthought

Eagerly awaited

It is affecting my lifeline .... literally. I travel from Ghatkopar to Andheri and back everyday which takes upto 2 and a half hours both ways. I expect this to be cut into half as the Metro is developed. I may describe here that the average time is just an average. Several times the one-way journey takes 2 hours and on several it takes 15 mins. Depends on the traffic ... you know. Widening of the Andheri Kurla road last year has had a great effect on my life ... I now know how the Herbie's rule from Critical Chain is instantly applicable. It doesn't matter how broad one end of the funnel is; what matters is how narrow the other end is. This road being a key part of my life, I intend to cover it through the entire development of the project.

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